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Please select a date, platform, and a desired build, and click on “Download Build.” If the build is not available (sorry, it’s not yet clearly indicated), you will be returned to this screen. Ideally, all builds should be available for all platforms; if nothing is available, then please try again later. The various builds are:

Note: No builds are currently being made. Thanks for your support!

Apple-First Bootloaders


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  1. Question. Do you know why people at Rockbox knowing that their builds are useless, keep on doing it that way and do not adopt a solution similar to yours on their official builds?

    It is done so because:
    1) the bug has to be corrected.
    2) other platforms works with the same code, AFAIK it is 4G specific
    3) no one seems to work currently on this bug, and no one cares because the best workaround is to buy a 5G…
    Do not take me wrong. I respect the Rockbox people, but it is a fact that no dev cares anymore about this bug, these days. Some people have tried to figure out months ago what causes the issue, but no one really succeed. Furthermore, it cannot be a summer of code objective since the load of work is absolutely unquantifiable. It is only pure and harsh reverse engineering that is required.
    Wait and see or dig by yourself…

  2. Loïc,

    I undestand point 2). But 1) and 3) contradict (in real life) with each other. My comment was on the practical side. It is fully understandable that being the ipod color an “old” platform that spendig time solving the problem would be utilizing resources incorrectly. That is why I think that the official build for iPod Color should have this issue solved maybe in a similar way to how it is done here.

    On the other side I think that undestanding what causes the problem would be great. It is a pity that (on this life) I am not a software developer 🙂



  3. Well, 1) and 3) are not really opposite. Software developers are a limited resource and cannot work on everything. It will probably be corrected for the next stable release because the Ipod ports have become a major platform, much more widespread than the most traditional rockbox ones (Iriver, Archos) with an interested community. Many official Ipod firmwares are buggy to some extent with the legendary stuttering problem. Old ipods lack gapless. Meanwhile, the new shiny and colorful Rockbox themes are becoming quite fashionable and usable, more and more apple-ish.
    The ipod port definitely changed Rockbox in a great way. It has mostly began with the 4G port; let’s just hope that it will not be forgotten. 🙂

  4. Interesting… I’ve actually found the formal builds lately to be quite stable (assuming one has the latest bootloader).

    I happen to really like my 4G; although it’s not color, it has USB and Firewire (which makes it a better portable hard disk), and I (fairly recently) picked one up refurbished for $120 for 40GB, which I think is the best value out there for a player.

  5. Thank you for your comments.

    Just for the record I am very happy with Rockbox. The only reason I sometimes think on upgrading my player is to get more disk space. 20G (at least for me) is not enough. I started thinking in changing the HD of my unit!

    Anyways, my next unit will run on Rockbox.


  6. I’m a bit new to this, but I’d like to get my iPod to boot into Apple firmware first. I tried replacing the rockbox.ipod file in the .rockbox folder with the rockbox-bootloader-ipodcolor.ipod thta I downloaded here. But when I boot it just says no original firmware found. How can I make this work? Thanks

  7. John H,
    I’ve removed the Apple first bootloaders, as they bootloader is now distributed as part of ipodpatcher, and I haven’t had a chance to look at the new format yet.

    Note that this file was not designed to replace rockbox.ipod from your .rockbox folder.

    Sorry I can’t be of any help at this time.

  8. I appreciate that you still have your builds. I gave up on Rockbox when the apple firmware was good enough for what I wanted. It is a shame that they have not made more progress on the iPods. I am sorry that you have only one build now but maybe that is all the is needed now. I know that when I had tried Rockbox before I had to use your builds as theres would lock up on me each time. I loaded yours the other night and appreciate the updates. I am just waiting for the one for the 22nd and will use it when it comes out.

  9. Hey Mike,

    For the last two days, the downloads for the color build have been broken. When clicking to download, it simply refreshes the screen, but doesn’t download anything.

    Thanks again for putting these builds together. I wouldn’t be able to use rockbox without them.

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