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In WordPress, any comments marked as spam are hidden from view by default. They are, however, saved in the database for use by plugins such as Akismet to learn about spam.
By installing Akismet (which many users do by default), you can view all comments tagged as spam. Many people also use Spam Nuker (aka Mass Delete) to show, permanently delete, and unspam comments.
My problem with those is that I receive quite a lot of trackback spam, which often fills me spam logs, and only a few spam comments. A false detection of spam trackback is no biggie, but I want to make absolutely sure there are no false positives in the comments. However, the many spam trackbacks fill up the logs, and it’s fairly easy to miss a stray comment amidst all the trackbacks.
“See Spam” adds four new tabs to the Comments menu in WordPress, each with same functionality, but operating on a different (sub)set of the spam. It provides separate listing soff all spams, all comment spam, all trackback spam, and all pingback spam, and for each one, the option to either batch delete everything or restore individual comments (to the moderation queue, not to “approved” status).

Release Notes

New in version 0.1:

  • First release
  • Show, unspam, or delete All Spam, or only Comment, Trackback, or Ping Spam


  • Selective delete
  • Better documentation



Unzip the zip file (or rename .phps to .php), copy to /path/to/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/, and activate! Nothing to configure; look at Comments tab in wordpress for the new pages.

Known Bugs:

  • May not work on versions before 2.1 (untested)
  • After deleting or unspamming, the counter in the tabs is not updated
  • Not really a bug: if you use Akismet, unspam comments from there, in order to submit them to Akismet.

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