Whois Plugin for WordPress

This plugin allows you to add links to perform lookup on the IP address associated with a comments. You can use it to either link to several whois servers (for example, Apnic, RIPE, etc), or even a web frontend to a search through your log files.

In order for the list to appear at all, you have to modify a few WP files (since I can’t add a filter / action for this). Edit the files:

  • wp-admin/edit-comments.php
  • wp-admin/moderation.php
  • wp-content/plugins/akismet/akismet.php (only if you use the akismet plugin)

and add <?php if (function_exists('print_whois')) { print_whois(get_comment_author_IP()); } ?> right after the existing printing of comment_author_IP()


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