Window Customizer

Attached is a project I’ve been working on for a while; Window Customizer.

It provides the ability to change the title bar text, transparency, icon, and TopMost (always on top) property of any running Window with a title bar. In addition to one time changes, it can also monitor running windows and enforce changes. This is necessary for some programs (such as Procomm Plus) which regularly attempt to restore their title bar text.

I originally wrote it to alleviate the confusion that I had while running 4 copies of Procomm on one of my PC’s, with no way to differenciate between. I’d tried EPC Title Bar Changer, but there was no way I’d pay $30 for that. It also seemed like a fun project, so I began writing.

The code will be available under the closest thing to a GPL I can find as soon as I can clarify a few things. My understanding is the MFC code cannot be GPL-ed, since the MFC library is not redistributable. Perhaps LGPL can be used… when I find out, I’ll release the code.

In the meantime, download Window Customizer, and enjoy!

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