I recently needed an application to save data from a serial port to a text file. Although most terminal emulators like ProComm can handle this, it’s quite a lot of overhead for such a simple task. I came up with the following solution, which works for Windows only (b/c 90% of the interesting code is the low level serial interface, it would be totally different on Linux).

The code can be downloaded in either Source Code form, or as a Compiled EXE . To compile the source for yourself, simply run cl LogSer.cpp to compile with MS’s Visual Studio command line compilers.

Run logser.exe <com port> <options> where options are:

  • -d Display the data on the serial port
  • -s Save the data from the serial port
  • -o Overwrite the log (instead of appending)
  • -b Specify the bitrate
  • -p Specify parity settings (8n1, 7e2, etc)


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