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Please select a date, platform, and a desired build, and click on “Download Build.” If the build is not available (sorry, it’s not yet clearly indicated), you will be returned to this screen. Ideally, all builds should be available for all platforms; if nothing is available, then please try again later. The various builds are:

Note: No builds are currently being made. Thanks for your support!

Apple-First Bootloaders


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  1. I used the cop build and I’m guessing I don’t have a recent enough version of the rockbox bootloader because when I play a song, it never starts. It just stays on 0:00. I hope that’s not the case because any version later than the one I have doesn’t boot apple’s firmware.

  2. Thanks for the builds Mikeage. The noscaling version fixes the problem of playback always freezing after awhile on my 4G iPod Photo. The cop version seems to hang when booting though.

    It’s really hard to find out what’s fixed and what isn’t from the builds on the rockbox site. Is there any reasons why the current iPod build on the rockbox site doesn’t have any of these fixes applied? Seems weird that the only versions for the iPod there don’t actually play songs properly! I almost gave up on the whole thing until I heard about the ‘unsupported builds’

    I still have intermittent problems with the database playback saying ‘database not ready’ most probably after PC->iPod access, and also some weirdness when plugging the iPod into the power – it seems to cycle through the boot process (usually need to boot to iPod firmware 1st to allow it to charge)

  3. Regarding the COP version: when you say hang, do you mean that it doesn’t boot? Or does it boot, but you can’t play anything. Which bootloader are you using?

    The noscaling will never be applied to an official release, since it’s not really a fix (it removes a feature under development). Kernel_on_COP will probably be committed (in one form or another) one day, hopefully soon.

    Bear in mind that no formal iPod release has been made yet; rockbox is still very archos-/iriver-centric, and iPod support is still rather experimental.

  4. Thanks Mike, the COP version just doesn’t boot for me. It hangs when ‘Loading rockbox.ipod’. This is with the bootloader from the rockbox site from a few days ago.
    I haven’t tried your bootloader coz I wanted to boot directly to rockbox all the time, but might investigate that soon. The NoScaling one is ok though.
    Is there more information on what’s under development etc that just the patch discussions and forums? I may have to start looking into some of the development stuff.
    Is anyone actively looking at the batter life issues at the moment that you know about, or is this likely to be a by-product of getting the CoProcessor to run separate threads to release the burden so much on the main processor, and therefore an extension of the Kernel_on_COP extension?

  5. Hrmm… dunno what to tell you about the boot. Speak to linuxstb (Dave Chapman) on the Rockbox forums; he’s the expert on those issues.

    Besides the flyspray and forums, there’s also IRC. I usually limit myself to the trackers, however, for main issues.

    I don’t think anyone’s working on battery life at the moment, though; hopefully soon!

  6. I love your builds and have been using them since September on my 60 gb photo. The COP build from 20070213 sucessfully loads for me (no problems there) and seems to load great. The Interface is much smoother than previous builds (previous build was 200701014). The only problem is that it won’t play any audio files. It looks like it is going to play but I get nothing. This occurs will all audio files including, .ogg, .flac, and lame encoded .mp3.

    The no scaling build (from 20070213) still works wonderfully (as usual). Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  7. Hi Mike!
    I have been wanting to say thank you for your hard work and effort on updating the Rockbox for “4G No scaling”. I can’t recall what version it was but it was maybe from a couple months ago. My iPod never ever crashed at all. I have been very happy with it….thnx again!!!

  8. The COP10 build seems to be much more stable than the other patches (slightly more so than the previous COP build), but I have still had 2 lockups (albeit after many hours of playback). This is much better than the unpatched 15 minutes or so. I am using a 4g Color (photo). Many thanks for these automatic builds.

  9. Sorry for the delay in my response. I updated to the newest standard rockbox bootloader; Using COP10 (which is pretty quick for me) I had two lockups within 20 minutes so I went back to the older COP build, which seems to work fine. Thanks for all of your work. I will continue to test and leave feedback here.

  10. hey great build, however i got a couple of problems that quite possibly may just be me ๐Ÿ˜›
    im using ur playlist build from yesterday for the 4g grayscale.
    1. the long hold on WPS menu has ~8 “sound settings” showing only one of witch actually works ๐Ÿ˜›
    2. also, the bootloader included to change the menu function is in .ipod mode. it needs to be in .bin!?
    can i just change the extension or….

    thanks john!

  11. well thats the problem.
    is the page for the old way to install using the .bin bootloader
    is the new way to install with .ipod bootloaders.

    i cant get my g4 grayscale to install the new way so following advice on the new install page
    “NOTE: These instructions are known to have problems with the 1st and 2nd Generation Mini and 4G (Greyscale) ipods…… If you have one of these ipods, you should continue using the old installation instructions at the IpodPort page.”
    i use the old install method!

    any suggestions on how to convert between formats?

  12. Ok, Mike.. I’ve just tried the latest COP build again for the 4G Photo, and it loads ok, but I still suffer the iPod hanging during play. The problem seems reasonably consistent, and possibly takes longer between lockups, although I suspect that is may just be when the processor is call on to do something specific…. (I managed to get it to lock up at the same point within one song)
    The no-scaling version still seems a whole lot more stable, and there seems to be less lag when changing menus and scrolling than with the COP build.
    I’ll start paying attention to the forums now too.
    Thanks again.

  13. Paul:

    If you have a reproducible error location for a song, you should post your build information along with the patch, bootloader, ipod version, etc at Tracker 5755 which is where the COP patches are being developed. You should mention that you have been able to reproduce the crash with a particular song in the same location–to the best of my knowledge, the crashes have thus far been inconsistent and difficult to reproduce, hence the trouble fixing the bug. Feedback is good! ๐Ÿ™‚

    [Edited by siteowner: link closed]

  14. Mikeage,

    You are my savior with your builds, my man! I posted on the rockbox forums of your wonderfulness, and I come directly here for all of my Rockbox needs. I tried the cop11 build above, and as soon as I attempt to play any MP3, I get a “Data Abort at 0028×7” (or some hex code). It navigates fine everywhere else, but I cannot play anything. I’m working with an iPod Color. Any thoughts? (I am using the noscaling as I did before, and it works flawlessly). Keep up the fantastic work!

  15. Hello

    As John said, the “apple-first” bootloader is not usuable on 4G greyscale. Is it possible that you compile them in order to make a .bin rather than a .ipod ? (i.e., the old way ?).
    Thanks for your builds : simples, and have everything I need !

  16. Mikeage:

    I just tried the 3/4/07 cop11 build…no good, man; same result. I can surf around fine (the scroll wheel is noticeably more sluggish) and change settings and whatnot, but immediately when I play any file, it goes to start playback and then Data abort at 0002F9A0.

  17. sorry to ask a stupid question, but what does “COP11 has been committed to SVN (as of rvn 12601)” mean?.. and how does that result in you not making those builds? a friend showed me your page many months ago, and i have not been following the rockbox builds since….i was using your no scaling, and today decided to check out your page…so i tried the cop11…and got the same error as ghost dragon…now you say you are not making anymore builds…should i just use the latest version of no-scaling?


  18. Have you perminantly stopped making your custom builds??? I thought maybe the scaling issue had been fixed in the normal builds of rockbox, but I loaded up the latest one last night on my ipod color, and it already froze up on me today while I was working out.

  19. Hi Mike

    Fantastic work – thank you very much. I just got my 30Gb Color Photo working and it has now been running for an hour with no hangs!

    I had problems with your builds to start with and then retried by removing the .rockbox directory completely – all themes and database (except the font directory). I used your rockbox.ipod, rebooted, rebuilt the database, rebooted and left the default theme.

    I am wondering if the problems people have been having above are to do with incompatible themes.



  20. Mike, I know you had issues with the bootloader and the cop builds..I’ve since been on the old bootloader to allow for apple boots..Has this been fixed? I don’t want to go through the trouble of switching bootloaders if it hasn’t. Also, how have the cop builds been treating you?

    Again, thanks for your builds! (even if you don’t think it’s hard, it’s helping many!)

  21. Shane,

    The latest bootloader (v1.0 – part of ipodpatcher v0.9) boots both Apple and rockbox without any problems. I’ve also found that the recent builds are pretty stable; occasionally, I’ll get either a silent freeze or a freeze to the Apple logo screen. I haven’t seen a “data abort” message with the newer builds.

    Note that coprocessor support did not help battery life, since right now, everything is still being run on the main core. Work is in progress to actually use the second core.

  22. I tried the latest rockbox build and had a freeze within an hour so I went back to the noscale build as I’ve never experienced a freeze with it. Thanks for your help! Is there a blog or news site that talks about rockbox builds and the work that is being done on them?

  23. Hello

    Every time I try the latest Rockbox build for my iPod Color it freezes within an hour or so. Thanks God there is you to make these builds that, although ignoring the problem, it fixes it.

    Question. Do you know why people at Rockbox knowing that their builds are useless, keep on doing it that way and do not adopt a solution similar to yours on their official builds?

    If it concerns battery life I prefer to recharge the iPod but be able to use it.

    Thanks, CH!

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