Vortlach for Parshas Haazinu

יערף כמטר לקחי

ר’ שמחה בונם מפשיסכה notes that תורה is compared to the rain; just like there is no visible effect from the rain when it falls, but only afterwards when plants sprout and begin to grow, so too the effects from learning תורה are often not immediately visible, but only appear after some time.

שיחת לו לא בניו מומם דור עקש ופתלתל

The שאר בת רבים notes that there are many people who are personally observant, and are comfortable with this. Nevertheless, they want their children to follow in the path of תורה and עבודת ה.

However, this is quite hypocritical. For their Father in Heaven asks them to follow the proper path, and yet they rebel. Despite this, they expect their children to listen to them!

In truth, the only thing that will happen is that their children, just like they themselves, will not be religious, but will expect their children to become religious.

וישמן ישרון ויבעט

The חידושי הרי”ם notes that the word used here is ישרון, which is generally associated with a higher spiritual level than just ישראל. Nevertheless, in the presence of גאווה, they are at risk as well.

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