When you care enough to get the very best


I always wondered why no one spell checks signs…

3 responses to “When you care enough to get the very best”

  1. Ah… my first incoming comment from a JBlogospherian (if Jameel can use words like this, why can’t I?)! Thanks!

    The fact that this is in the Anglo neighborhood of Ramat Bet Shemesh (and one of the real estate agencies is an Anglo agency!) makes it all the more ironic.

    I wonder if entertainment like this fit into the seminary / Yeshiva question at all ;)?

    I actually have a bunch of serious posts (not just weird thoughts or (in the grand scheme of things) irreverent technical posts) waiting, but I’m still working on (and reworking) most of them. I tend to save spur of the moment comments for Areivim & comments on other people’s blogs

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