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  • Mitzvah L’Kayem Divrei Hameis

    The entire סוגיא of מצוה לקיים דברי המת is a complicated one, and certainly cannot be covered, or even summarized, in one post. Here, I’m going to try and deal with a fairly limited aspect; specifically, the רמב”ם in הלכות מכירה in פרק ×›”ב, הלכה ט”ו / ט”×–.

  • Mechilah without a Kinyan with a Shtar

    I must confess, this post is rather late. We first saw the קצוה”×— on which it’s based last Thursday night, but until tonight (Mon), I didn’t really have a clear enough understanding in everything to feel comfortable letting anyone see my (limited) understanding. Thanks to some clarifications in today’s שיעור and a discussion with my […]

  • Kinyan after Nesinah

    Last Thursday, we learned through (well, most of the way through) a קצות החושן, as per the normal Thursday night schedule. I just saw the נתיבות’s response, and I admit, I’m a bit puzzled, and have a few questions (note: not that they’re good questions; odds are I’m misunderstanding something). The post below summarizes the […]