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  • Mechilah without a Kinyan with a Shtar

    I must confess, this post is rather late. We first saw the קצוה”×— on which it’s based last Thursday night, but until tonight (Mon), I didn’t really have a clear enough understanding in everything to feel comfortable letting anyone see my (limited) understanding. Thanks to some clarifications in today’s שיעור and a discussion with my […]

  • Mechusar Amanah (2)

    Earlier, we discussed three סוגיות dealing with מחוסר אמנה. In this post, we’ll discuss the הלכה למעשה, and try and explain all three sources according to both sides.

  • Mechusar Amanah

    Note: this post contains no original ideas, nor even any attempts at originality. Instead, it’s simply my way of making sense of a complicated issue. While we’ve seen the concept of מחוסר אמנה in the פוסקים for two weeks already, yesterday was the first time we started looking into the גמרא. In brief, מחוסר אמנה […]