Month: ‍‍ מרחשון / כסלו תשס״ז – November 2006

  • Whois WordPress Plugin

    Yes, yet another WordPress plugin! This one allows you to add additional “whois” servers to the listing shown in the comment display screen. It’s also quite useful (as in my case) if you have a web gateway to search through logs, which I use to help block spammers. The plugin comes with default entries to […]

  • Almost there… or not

    Although the original plan did not call for this, this post will probably be my first serious non-technical post. I was originally planning on starting with either a halachic post (almost finished, but not quite ready) or a science / Torah post (still needs some work and fact-checking). However, the good people at Mishpacha Magazine […]

  • Updates

    Yes, I’ve been away for a while. I didn’t post while I was in Greece (pictures finally posted), nor the week after, due to a very pressured week at work. I have a new post responding to a Mishpacha editorial coming up soon, and I hope to resume technical posts this week. I was going […]

  • I’m off to Greece tomorrow

    My company is sending me to Greece for three days for a development conference tomorrow. There’ll be a little touring and whatnot also; I’ll try and post pictures here. Maybe I’ll also have some time to finish up some serious posts (hopefully…)

  • Hebrew Date v1.0.1

    Based on an idea I “borrowed” from Jacob Fresco, I’ve added the ability to insert the current Hebrew Date (with sunset correction!) anywhere in a theme. Simply add <?php if (function_exists(‘hebrewDateCurrent’)) { hebrewDateCurrent();} ?> to a theme. The code can be downloaded Hebrew Dates release page under the Software section. The code needs some major […]