Gallery Improvements

Three major changes were made to the gallery this past week (details).

  1. RSS Feeds now exist for each album (new items in the album), as well as a feed for all new items (Full RSS). Click on the little RSS icon with the gallery for more details. If this means nothing to you, skip it
  2. There’s a new Gallery updates page. It shows the last 24 (per page) images added to the entire gallery. There’s a navigation bar on top, so you never miss anything!
  3. The gallery now uses the lightbox effect for all pictures. If you click on a picture (after the page is finished loading), and you have JavaScript enabled, you’ll see a nice (cheesy) Web 2.0 effect. Click on the right hand side of the picture (or press N) to advance to the next image, the left hand side (or press P) to go back, or the center of the picture (or press F or click the link below that says “View Main Page” to get to the image’s Gallery page. There will (probably) be a technical post explaining how I did this later.

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